Dehydrated Peter Pepper - 1 ounce - Whole

$ 3.00

Giggle away. It’s ok. That’s the nature of the peter pepper. When you see it, you can’t ignore its shape. It looks like a man’s penis. There’s a reason it’s called peter pepper, as well as Chilly Willy and simply penis pepper, too.

But once you get past the laughs, there’s a pretty significant hot pepper here – hotter than a jalapeño. In fact, it’s a terrific alternative to a serrano pepper, if you can find it available near you. The Scoville rating is 10,000-23,000. 

It especially makes a terrific salsa chili and it’s well-known to make an excellent chili powder, but nearly any dish that calls for a jalapeño or serrano is fair game for the peter pepper. 1.0 ounce in a 5" x 7" bag. Reduced from $6.00.

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